Wave interactive was formed as the result of the merger of two well-known search marketing companies, Lined Media and Bower Interactive. The merger completed on1 February 2016.

Lined Media is best known for providing High-End Search Engine Optimisation, Pay PerClick Search Marketing and Social Media Strategies to Blue ChipCorporate Australia. 

Bower interactive offers world leading client interface console that provides transparency into workflow delivery and visibility of the outstanding results obtained for clients in Local Search for both local and national groups of keywords. 

By leveraging the strengths of both companies, Wave interactive is now in a position to offer a unified White Label SME offering for Advertising Agencies,Web Design Agencies and Development Agencies as well as high levelSEO consulting. 

Our agency solution offers a leading search strategy and process plan where each step is implemented with transparency and results are reported and presented with full visibility via our white labelled client interface panel.

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